Friday, June 7, 2013

France: seven arrested for the murder of Meric: the technical murderer is a Spanish Nazi

Seven people have been arrested for the murder last night of Breton Anarchist Clément Méric. They are all members of the Nationalist Revolutionary Youth (JNR), even if some are as old as 37. 

Among them there is a Spanish Nazi, named as Esteban M., who was the person directly causing the death of Clément, as he punched him with his brass knuckles causing his fall and hitting of some sort of metal object with the back of his head. 

According to the last accounts, Méric and some other antifascists had a heated argument with the Nazis in an apartment where there was a sale of clothes. Both groups exited the apartment separately but it seems that the Nazis ambushed the anti-authoritarians, forcing a short fight that resulted in the death of the young Breton. 

The background of the murder is clearly related to the Nazi and Fundamentalist Christian mobilizations against homosexual rights in France in the recent months. Clément was very active in the campaign for the rights of homosexuals and had therefore confronted the fascists in several occasions. 

Source: Webguerrillero[es].

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