Sunday, June 9, 2013

Brazil: large protests against bus cost rise result in major clashes in São Paulo

For several days already popular protests have shattered the largest Brazilian city, São Paulo, with widespread clashes between police and protesters. The trigger of this popular uprising is the rise of bus tariffs. More demonstrations have been called for the upcoming days. 

While two years ago the ruling Workers' Party (PT) criticized a similar bout of police repression by bourgeois (PSDB) mayor Gilberto Kassad, now the same government attacks the protesters, as the city hall is now in the hands of a PT member: Fernando Haddad. 

The PT has already abandoned and betrayed one after another most popular causes, like the Landless People's Movement (MST) or, to a large degree, environmental protection of the Amazon jungle, in the benefit of bourgeois oligarchs and developist policies with a mere varnish of social-democracy expressed in some welfare state, mostly intended to keep people sedated.


Source: Blog do Tsavvko[por] (includes links to videos and photo galleries).

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