Saturday, June 8, 2013

Anonymous leaks NSA documents

A bit unsure of their relevance (they seem largely DoD IT directives) but you can find them in the following address and mirrors:


The documents are:
  • 2010 EA Conference. Reference Architecture Track. Power Point presentation by Terry Haggle (office of Department of Defense CIO/AS&I) - not about buildings but software within the DoD.
  • CJCSI, 2012. JOINT CAPABILITIES INTEGRATION AND DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM (→ Wikipedia article). PDF. Procedures on defense program acquisition.
  • Department of Defense Directive no. 5144.1 2005, signed by J. Wolfowitz. PDF. Defining general policies on electronic intelligence.
  • CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF INSTRUCTION, 2012. Standard for IT systems acquisition (security and architecture). Heavy load PDF.
  • DoD Directive no. 8000.01. Management of the Department of Defense Information Enterprise. PDF.
  • DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy and Community of Interest (COI) Training Glossary. PDF.
  • Configuration Management Plan for The DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and DoDAF Meta Model (DM2). 2011. Word document.
  • Department of Defense NetOps Strategic Vision. 2012. PDF. General strategy for a unified efficient and secure DoD network.
  • Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture Transition Strategy. 2008. PDF.
  • Cryptome document of INSA spies list (some names removed by request).  PDF.
  • Two PDF documents that never seem to finish loading in my browser (yes, my PC is a bit of a wimp), one of them suggestively titled "security clearance".

Source: Anonymous, via WG[es].

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