Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thousands demonstrate in San Sebastian for the release of ill prisoners

After two other demonstrations were banned in Bilbao in the previous weeks and a four day march was also banned in Gipuzkoa this very week, finally a protest could be held in Donostia (San Sebastian) yesterday, demanding the humanitarian and legal release of Basque prisoners who are terminally ill.

The icon of this solidarity movement, Josu Uribetxeberria, is still held prisoner in hospital even if the judge decreed his conditional freedom on Thursday (because of an appeal). However 14 other Basque prisoners are being held in similar circumstances of terminal illnesses. Most of them and dozens of other prisoners should have been released long ago but judicial decisions (declared illegal by Strasbourg) keep them in jail in what is effectively life imprisonment. 

Meanwhile Spanish nationalist terrorists, torturers and institutional assassins remain at large or have been in prison just symbolically. 

The systematic persecution of even any attempt of solidarity with our prisoners is symptomatic of the ill will of the Spanish state which only wants revenge and to divide Basque patriots. This is no better than 1937.

Source: Naiz Info.

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