Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day!

In most of Earth May Day, the International Day of the Working Class, is a holiday. But there are some places where it is not: one of them is Saudi Arabia, another one is the Vatican and then there is the USA. 

This May Day has particular relevance in this last country because the North American Working Class has been awakening and there are efforts to celebrate May Day with class-conscious protests in line with last year's Occupy movement which has made a major and widespread call for a general strike on this day.

There are surely other actions called for around North America but I do not know them at the moment. The causes for anger are the same as before the winter: nothing has changed but there has been a period of inactivity and the organization is probably not too strong. The fact that, after so many decades of apathy and lack of consciousness, North Americans have began to mobilize as a working class society and even form a movement is a very important sign. I do expect at least some meaningful mobilization today north of Río Grande. 

Elsewhere I also expect some action. Even if May Day has become sort of an institutionalized holiday, the class struggle ambient has been growing a lot these last months and years and people is very angry in places like Europe, North Africa or India. I do expect at least some heat in some places even if The RevolutionTM is scheduled for today nowhere that I know of.

But these things are never properly scheduled, you know, they have the bad custom of coalescing unexpectedly under the pavement and invite you to the party when it's almost over. So be aware, be ready to fight and have a happy and radical May Day wherever you are.

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