Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zionists attack Gaza again, Palestinian Government demands international intervention

Whether Israel is occupant (the Zionist point of view) or it is a civil conflict of colonialist, apartheid, genocide and racist nature (the Native Palestinian viewpoint) the continuous aggression of Israel against Gaza Strip (as well as other Palestinians, Syrians, etc.) has no justification and would demand UN intervention if the UN made anything other than obey the USA (which in turn obeys to the Zionist Lobby with such dedication that is shameful even for those of us who are not North Americans). 

Today Israel, with no pretext whatsoever, bombed again Gaza Strip. Three people were killed, assassinated.

If this is not a terrorist attack, what is terrorism?

Israel exerts terrorism every single day against Palestinians. But some days are worse than others. 

A permanent Gernika, a permanent death camp... 
When will the so-called International Community intervene to protect civilians?, to stop terrorism?, to defend democracy? 

The democratically elected government of Palestine, led by Hamas, requested it. 

The democratic media ignored the plea. 

Will they bomb Tel Aviv, the same that they bomber Tripoli with depleted uranium bombs? 

We all know that they will not. Their hypocrisy is infinite, their compassion nil. 

Will us allow them to claim to represent us, making us accomplices of their criminal complicity? Or will we oust them and begin a new era. 

Palestine is a reflection of the injustices and most serious problems that exist where you live, where I live... 

There's only one Earth: it is small, it is crowded, dirty, exhausted, feverish... and we must fix it and we must do it soon.

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