Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cables from the class war (Aug 3)

Portugal: state spends €2.4 billion in bank and sells it for only €40 million

The Banco Portugués de Negócios (BPN) has sucked 1.4% of Portuguese GNP in this criminal "saving" operation. The bank was finally sold to Angolan corporation Banco Internacional de Crédito (BIC).

30% of all offices will be closed, with the corresponding job losses.

The sale of this toxic bank is part of the deal agreed with Brussels in exchange of a toxic credit of €78 billion, credit that Portugal will never be able to pay anyhow. 

··> El País[es].

In other words: Portugal is giving away assets, even if toxic, in exchange of toxic credits that only serve to delay the fall of the creditors of Portugal, largely private banks in other European states. 

Let them fall! Declare bankruptcy now!

Spain: national football team and banners

You can wear on your shoulder the fascist banner imposed by dictator Franco in the 1930s but you cannot carry the one of your forcibly annexed country. This happened to a player who chose to carry the flag of Asturias:

And they say it is a "democracy"...

Lithuania: Vilnius mayor takes out the tanks in defense of bicycles

Not sure what to think but it's jaw dropping in any case: in a crazy stunt to dissuade drivers from parking in bicycle lanes, the mayor of the Lithuanian capital had himself filmed on a heavy armored vehicle smashing an ill-parked car. The owner shows up by the end and the crazy mayor shakes his hand and says: next time park in the right place.

Morocco: thousands march against absolute theocratic monarchy

Last sunday, on the day of the Be'ya, the yearly feudal ceremony of wowing loyalty to the king, 4000 marched in Casablanca and at least 5000 in Tangier demanding full democracy.

··> Reuters.

South Africa: worker strikes reach a record this year.

200,000 gold miners, 150,000 coal and diamond miners... Diamond production halted... The only thing that prevents the struggles from joining into one single unstoppable revolutionary movement is COSATU, the once fierce South African union confederation now does lip service to polygamous machista (and probably rapist) Jacob Zuma and his neoliberal plans for South Africa.

··> WSWS.

Related: Chile miners' strike continues after 10 days ··> WSWS.

Japan: deadly areas in Fukushima Dai Ichi

Two particularly deadly hotspots of radiation have been admitted to exist in Fukushima I NPP. They were pictured thanks to gamma ray imaging techniques (left).

The red spots are above all measuring devices: above 10 Sieverts per hour, which is a deadly dose.

··> ABC7

Related: Another Tokyo University professor attacks government: It's all about money, isn't it?

··> Ex-SKF.

Palestine: Israel recognizes that they took organs from army-murdered Palestinians as war trophies. ··>

Science: bubble multiverse may be for real

The gamma ray background may have the prints of several inter-universe interactions. These marks have been located by a computer program, what essentially eliminates the chances of subjective evaluation. 

··> BBC.

Today's music: General Strike by La Polla:

Pickets, pickets!
General Strike!
Those are pickets, it's the General Strike!

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