Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cameron pretends to solve social disintegration by disintegrating it even more

The far-right British Premier is promoting (Gara[es]) to cut welfare in order to, allegedly, impose discipline. In fact what he is doing is to reinforce the criminal gangs because people without a legal income must resort to illegal paths of survival. There is no other way. 

Taking the blame off his shoulders, the ultra-conservative ruler of Great Britain and residual colonies, claimed that the riots had nothing to do with government's cuts nor social poverty. For him it is just a "moral" problem and "lack of boundaries". 

So to begin with, he will make sure that people have it harder to obtain unemployment benefits, so they have no option than going criminal, so the expanded police powers he is designing as we speak will have something to be thrown at. 

He also blamed parents and lack of discipline, never mind Cameron himself was a troublemaker in his own youth (but smart and lucky enough not to be caught, see An Open Letter to David Cameron's Parents).

Essentially all what Cameron sees in these riots are an opportunity to increase repression and make further social spending cuts (someone's gonna pay for the new police equipment, right?)

When will Europe wake up and kick all these ruler-criminals in one of those jails they are building with our sweat and money?

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