Monday, August 29, 2011

MOST WANTED: South African racist child murderer

A yet unnamed individual self-identified as 'Terrorblanche' (wordplay with the surname of Terreblanche a notorious Nazi killed last year in a murky rape incident) has become the most wanted criminal in South Africa overnight. The reason? This photo posted in his Facebook page:

The photo, which hurts the soul (sorry about that) appears to show a murder of a young boy, with the aggravation of racism. 

The criminal had 588 'friends' on Facebook, many of which may have seen the photo, and none of which denounced the crime. In some cases they even left favorable remarks. These people are accomplices under South African and International laws. 

However I fear that the justice system is too lenient with this type of crimes: even death penalty is too merciful for such devils. 

Source: Sare Antifaxista[es].


  1. Shame on the world, how can anyone do this? how he can get over 500 "like" or friends on facebook. has happened with this bastard? 500 murderers are his friends on facebook, even if the photo is not real.

  2. I imagine he will get caught and imprisoned but at the moment I have no updates.

    Yes, there are no words... and even posting the photo was very difficult (though people should know and not be hidden this ugly truth of psychopathic hatred: this is no different to Utöya or Gaza). I'd like my world to be quite nicer, sincerely.

  3. Maju, you're really brave and with a strong social conscience,i see that really is not easy to publish this picture, but we can not close our eyes.

    do you know if facebook makes something about? his profile still is open? i´m thinking about shut my facebook profile if they do not make nothing about.

  4. I know nothing else. I have not a Facebook account: I do not use Facebook at all (except the occasional Scribd paper).

  5. some people already created several groups protest against this guy Facebok; we hope the police find him soon, and go to the jail with a group of" black" 2 meters each, though in this case sure to make them reverence because they would not be a helpless child.

  6. this reminds me whether he should be imprisoned or jailed. The question of morality. Should the family of the child act rationally along the lines morals or use animal instincts and obliterate the attacker, the eye to eye concept of punishment. I get lost when I come cross these types o incidents.

  7. Personally, I'd have him impaled. As I do not believe in hell nor divine justice, I think that child abusers should be impaled and rapists (specially reincident ones) castrated.

    It's not an eye for an eye but some people can't be recycled for society, so they are better dead and, as example, they must suffer a lot before they die.

    That's what my heart says.

    Problem is that all these great ideas designed for "the Hitlers", the monsters, end up being used against petty criminals and even innocent people. The rich do not go to jail (with the occasional exception?) so much less will they be executed unless a revolution takes place.

    But impalement is the least I'd do with this guy.

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  9. *** Racist comment deleted ***

  10. Mark Eiglarsh on the Kelly file on Fox News would probably "like" this photo.


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