Friday, August 5, 2011

Basque Punk (VI): Las Vulpes

Because of their hyper-short career, singing in Spanish and the fact that they became famous because of a single but scandal-hit appearance in Spanish TV, almost nobody remembers them as a Basque band but the fact is that Las Vulpes (from Lat. vulpes: fox) were as Basque as anyone else and Punker than most.

Their most famous theme is without doubt Me gusta ser una zorra (I like to be a whore), which they performed in the youth program of state TV, causing the rolling of some head and heated media arguments as the Catholic hordes charged against them until they got bored.

Here there is an interesting and lively interview in Spanish, 20 years later...

Policía asesina (murderer police), showing their punkest side:


  1. Maju,

    Love the blog and particularly the articles on Basque punk. I'm getting an article together on it for the next issue of my fanzine, One Way Ticket to Cubesville. Can you help? My email is Cubesville(at)hotmail(dot)com.

  2. It'd be my pleasure to help but I'm not any expert (not even too interested in music actually), just someone who had the right age at the right time and who decided to write something about it in English (it's not a well known phenomenon outside Spanish-language areas).

    I'll drop you a line in any case.


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