Thursday, August 25, 2011

Five years in prison for being naked

I must show here my total solidarity with this brave Scotsman, Stephen Gough (left), who has spent the last five years in prison only for walking around without clothes. One would think that repression of nudism was an obsolete disgrace and that had died with the likes of De Gaulle and Franco but it is still very much widespread and going around naked is only allowed in very few spaces, mostly beaches and private areas. 

Whatever we may think it is a shame that anyone is being jailed just for walking around the way he is. He is not wearing a burka, he is not wearing a tie... he is not even wearing any pants at all. And that is his right, in Scotland as in Mecca. 

And for that reason, for being as he is ('as God made him' that would say the monotheists), he is being thrown once and again in prison, where he has spent his last many years. 

Is that fair? Is that freedom? No! 

Free Stephen Gough now! 
Supress Judeo-Christiano-Muslim (Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian...) hypocrisy now!

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