Monday, August 22, 2011

16 killed in Palestine violence. IDF using experimental/illegal ammo. Warning: extreme images

16 people have been killed in this Sunday's violence in the SW corner of Palestine: in Gaza and the neighboring Zionist colony of Ashod.

15 were killed by the IDF, one by some Palestinian armed group.

At least some of those killed by the Zionist armed organization IDF presented horrible wounds, wounds of a kind unheard of... except for the last time that the criminal organization IDF attacked Gaza Strip, where the natives of the country have been dumped in order to make room for colonists from Europe, etc.

This kind of injuries (warning: extremely hard images):

It is possible that they have been caused by experimental weapons such as DIME.

We could well say that using such weapons is of more than dubious morality but nothing that Israel does against the Palestinian natives has any sort of morality or ethics. For instance, as occupant power, Israel has the obligation to protect civilians and cannot, in legal theory, go bombing around or targeting people for assassination. If it has to perform any arrests it has to do with guarantees, trial, etc., even if the trial is military.

There is nothing ethical about this: this is almost exactly like the attacks that the Nazis made against Jewish ghettos in Europe in the 1940s. Not even Apartheid South Africa did this kind of stuff (and they commit very brutal crimes) against the marginalized non-white populations.

Bombing a concentration camp with experimental weapons...

It's just Nazi.

Some of the victims are activists but others were civilians, including several children. What fault had this kid, Islam?

List of those murdered by the IDF today:

  • Abu Awad Al Nairab, Secretary General of the Salah Ed Deen Brigades.
  • Imad Hammad, Popular Resistance Committees.
  • Abu Jamil Shaath.
  • Khaled Al Masry.
  • Imad Nassr.
  • Malak Shaath, 2 years old.
  • Mahmoud Abu Samra, 13 years old.
  • Ashraf Azzam, 30.
  • Mohammad Enaya, 22.
  • Samed Abed, 25.
  • Anwar Islayyim, 21.
  • Imad Abu Abda.
  • Monther Qreiqe’, 32.
  • Islam Qreiqe; 2.
  • Mo’taz Qreiqe’.

In the mainstream media you will probably almost only hear about the retaliation by means of home-made Kassam rockets, which killed on person. Even in Al Jazeera (which is taking a quite stinky slant since the Arab Spring is threatening the absolutism of its owner) the emphasis is on the only Jewish victim and how scared his neighbors feel. But if that feeling surely exists in Ashod, you can imagine how they feel in Gaza... or maybe you can't if they don't show the pain on TV. If so, click on the video above, you probably never saw anything so horrible, such a sign of criminal arrogance by the Zionist terrorist state.

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