Friday, August 19, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Aug 19) - nuclear today in Vermont as well

Basque Country: five military policemen in plain clothes disturb the fiestas of Burlata (Navarre) pushing people around, making threats and even stalking a woman who scolded them for their behavior. The cold-headed reaction of people prevented the worst. ··> Ateak Ireki[es].

England: another mortal victim of the riots, youth killed by police using tasers in arrest in Cumbria ··> SA[es].

Greece: Neonazis attack and seriously injure immigrant in Athens ··> ContraInfo.

Spain: more videos of the demo and police repression around the undesired and paid-with-my-taxes visit of the infamous Nazi Youth, Inquisitor General and now Pope, the incredibly devilish Ratzinger-Z!!! ··> PO(1), PO(2), SA. Also hacker counter-attack blocks Catholic journeys site ··> SA[es].

Spain: Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory demands Catholic Church to condemn the Fascist and Christian-Fundamentalist dictatorship of General Franco. ··> SA[es].

Italy: CGIL, the largest workers' union, calls for a general strike against Berlusconi's cuts that have got people unable to access public health care without paying ··>  Morning Star.

Denmark/Kurdistan: Kurds demonstrate in the Nordic kingdom for the right to broadcast ··> Morning Star.

Palestine: Israel bombs Gaza, killing five militants and a young boy ··> Uruknet (photo gallery).

Egypt: Workers demand right to form legal unions ··> Workers' Revolutionary Party.

Canada: radiation tests for salmon demanded. ··>

USA: Nuclear catastrophe at Vermont/Connecticut ··> Mail Online, Washington's Blog.

USA: Deepwater Horizon site may be leaking again ··> Washington's Blog.

USA: how Big Capital whips whistleblowers ··> The Guardian.

USA: Securities and Exchanges Commission hiding corruption and fraud under the rug ··> Washington's Blog

Venezuela nationalizes gold industry and recalls gold deposits from around the World ··> Washington's Blog (who is concerned about the reality of gold nominal deposits).

India: Maoists declare that it's pointless to try to control corruption by investigating individuals only while the root of all corruption, Capitalism, stays. ··> Indian Vanguard.

Nepal: Dalits (untouchables) gained political presence in Nepal thanks to Maoist electoral victory. Never before a Dalit had been a minister. ··> Revolution in South Asia.

Korea: South Korean police attacks strikers at shipyard ··> WSWS.

Japan: symptoms of radiation exposure become common among children in Tokyo ··> Al Jazeera.

Japan: Bushby (secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk): places in Tokyo have radiation levels like Chernobyl ··> RT interview at Energy News.

Japan: Radioactive steam sipping from under the Fukushima I reactors within the context of an ongoing China Syndrome ··> RT video at Energy News.

Japan: Nearly half of children near Fukushima plant absorbed radiation ··> Asahi.

Japan: Beef that did not ate radioactive hay, still radioactive. Government not even bothering to control radiation sources ··> Ex-SKF.

Japan: Government to lift ban on cows from Fukushima and Miyagi (for no reason at all: they are as radioactive as yesterday) ··> Ex-SKF.

Japan: Cicadas can't sing, birthing mostly females and often heavily crippled. ··> Ex-SKF.

Japan: Interview with Fukushima I suicidal workers (they do not work for TEPCO but for not less than 600 different subcontractors: depressing, total mess...) ··> video of Channel 4 News at Energy News.

Japan/World: The whole World to absorb some of Fukushima radiation ··> video at Washington's Blog

Ecology: Best studied Greenland glacier melting quite faster than expected ··> SD.

Opinion: We are all Lumpenproles (part 3) ··> Volatility.

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