Monday, August 1, 2011

Cables from the class war (Aug 1)

France becomes next target of bankster mafia, IMF

After charging against Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy, France has been named as the next one to put taxes to works for the banksters. And it would seem that Sarkozy bows: he has proposed to write a balanced budget into the the text of the constitution of the Republic.

Mind you that it does not matter at all because, while the problem of Greece was high public debt, the problem elsewhere is specially high private debt, and IMF cuts will not help the least to have it paid.

The good thing, if any, about this, is that it brings the Hexagon into the group of "most Europeans being utterly abused by the banks and their minion politicians". The stable part of Europe is reduced to Germany and a few satellites, and it's impossible that will remain stable for long. Once the crisis reaches Italy and France it becomes a pan-European crisis that must be addressed at pan-European levels in a political manner.

Manner that cannot be other than a revolution.

Still the awareness, consciousness, will of change, will of total democracy, is still low. It is gaining momentum but it is not overwhelming yet, except maybe in Greece.

Russian fascists back Breivik

While the officialist ultra-conservative youth Nashi (uh, Nazi?) tries to distance themselves from Breivik, other organizations consider the Butcher of Utöya to be a hero.

··> Al Jazeera (video).

London: anti-terror directive focuses on Anarchists

Anarchists are to be reported to police just because of their beliefs, according to the latest anti-terror directive of London metropolitan police. There is also mention of Islamists (not Muslims in general) but not of Western-style fascist or far-right activists.

Someone like Anders Breivik would go unnoticed by London Metro ideological directives.

But well, it is probable that it was someone like Anders Breivik who wrote that directive. We must not forget that he could not have finished his rampage would not have been for police's more than suspicious incapacity.

··> The Guardian.

Morocco: multitudes demonstrate in Casablanca

Video (chants in Arabic, translations welcome):

Libyan rebels fight among them

After the recent murder by Islamists of a general, another internal struggle took place yesterday in Benghazi against what the rebel government claimed to be a fifth column of Gaddafi within rebel ranks.

The impression is that the rebel camp is collapsing into a civil war within the civil war. 

··> Al Jazeera.

Military repression continues in Syria

On the first day of the Muslim holidays of Ramadan, Syrian troops continue their attack against the peacefully rebel city of Hama. It is just one of many acts of violent repression by the Assad regime.

I understand that a regime that resorts to such persistent and systematic violence is doomed and sooner than later must fall.

··> Al Jazeera (includes two videos).

Two Palestinians murdered by Zionists

Two members of the PA's millitary intelligence have been murdered by Zionist forces in a military operation in the refugee camp of Qalandia, in the outskirts of Jerusalem. The attack happened when people were about to take their first Ramadan meal. Mutasim Issa Udwan, 22, was killed on the spot with a shot to the head, Ali Jalifa, was severely injured with a shot to the stomach and died in hospital. A third person was also injured as Zionist soldiers entered the building breaking windows and shooting randomly.

The military operation was executed to perform a routine arrest, according to Zionist sources, but it triggered a mass reaction in the camp, with people throwing stones at the invaders. Instead of pulling back, the racist occupation forces began opening fire indiscriminately.

··> Gara[es].

Mass protests in the Jewish-only zone of Palestine: do they matter?

Jews Sans Frontieres discusses today the phenomenon of mass protests in what is usually known as Israel. The protests are in many aspects comparable to those of neighboring Arab states and also to those in Greece or Spain. The key demand is housing. 

However they fail short of opposing the apartheid of questioning their role as colonists, so one wonders if these are not just the spoiled kids of Zionism. 

From Jsf:

In Egypt, the non-sectarianism of the original uprising was total. Since Israel is an apartheid state, the non-secterianism, while still impressive in its own terms, excludes the Palestinians, namely the most oppressed group within the system.

This makes the Israeli protests very much irrelevant because they are just dissension within the dominant caste of Jewish colonists.

··> Jews sans frontieres.

Today's punk song: Ayatollah of Siniestro Total (1982):

Lyrics (silly but offensive):
You can bring me to Iran/ and introduce me to the Imam/ take me for a walk in Teheran/ and send me to the front in Iraq.
You can hang me by the legs/ and shoot at me as well/ cut my hands without mercy/ and take my ye-ye girl from me.
Ayatollah don't play with my dick (any more!) [repeat several times]
You know I am not the Shah/ but in the name of Allah/ I ask this once again/ don't play with dick anymore!
In the desert you will find me/ dancing the cha-cha-cha./ I am an enemy of Allah/ I don't like rumba nor jazz.
Ayatollah don't play with my dick (any more!) [repeat several times]
I only came to buy bread/ everything ends badly for me./ I just came to buy bread/ and you taught me the Quran.

Sure: there's been people with death sentences for much less (Rushdie for example), however Khomeini did not understand Spanish, it seems to me, nor listened to punk rock. Yet Siniestro Total got a (never executed) death sentence from marxist-leninist armed group GRAPO for making fun of them in another song. Some people just don't have any sense of humor.

Tomorrow maybe Highway to Basra. Or whatever I'm in the mood of.

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