Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Echoes of the Class War (Aug 31)

August 30: International Day of Missing People:

UN acknowledges 57,200 missing people (desaparecidos) in Colombia, much more than all dictatorships of the continent together ··> Azalea Robles[es].

Colombian watchdogs actually claim 61,604 missing. One of the latest is ecologist Sandra Viviana Cuéllar who disappeared in February this year by order of local and multinational speculators ambitioning the lands she fought for ··> LINYM[es].

Amnesty International laments that Spanish "socialist" PM Rodríguez Zapatero ignores the victims of Civil War, Fascism and post-Fascism ··> SA[es].

UN: Spain should clarify who and where are in the mass graves (of the Civil War and Fascist repression). 130,000 remain in mass graves without identification ··> 20 minutos[es].

Basque Country: 

Donostia neighbors threatened for hanging banners demanding the repatriation of Basque Prisoners scattered many hundreds kilometers away ··> SA[es].

Former prisoner threatened with fascist style graffiti at her home town of Zizur Nagusia ··> SA[es], Ateak Ireki[es].

A hundred people protest brutal repression against youths before ruling party see at Pamplona ··> Ateak Ireki[eu].

Slovakia: Left appeals for protests against anti-communist laws that will make any sympathy with the achievements of the socialist system a crime ··> Morning Star.

Germany - NATOland: Christian-Zionist  islamophobic extremist meet at Berlin. The Breivik-like militants include Hilde de Lobel and Barbara Bonte from Vlaams Belang (Flemish fascist party), Susanne Winter of FPÖ (Austrian fascists) and Tylor Rose from the US Youth for Western Civilization, akin to the Tea Party (Gringo fascists within the far-right Republican Party). Several protests were attempted against this neonazi meeting but they were protected by police and the German state ··> Diagonal[es].

Sardinia:  thieves use sleeping gas against the super-wealthy. Probably the only work available soon at your area: to be smarter than the filthy rich smartasses who steal our lives ··> The Guardian.

Palestine: Israel trains death squads among settlers. New genocide spurt in the making? ··> BBC.


Wikileaks' cable show that US diplomats promote GMOs worldwide (see also Monsanto note at bottom of this entry) ··> Uruknet.

Much of defense budget wasted in frauds and scams ··> Uruknet.

Maryland:  nuclear power plant lost transformer and one emergency generator with hurricane Irene ··> Energy News

Virginia: water pipes under damaged nuclear power plant are potentially a major danger (who decided to build water-pipes under a nuclear power plant, I wonder?). Demand that plant distributes bottled water to residents ··> Energy News.

California: arrests of speakers at BART station in San Francisco metropolitan area. I am not sure what this conflict is around but it's clear that Californians are very angry at this public transport company ··> video at PO.

Bolivia: military and political criminals declared guilty of genocide for the massacres of Black October 2003 ··> BBC, LINYM[es].

Brazil: homophobic aggressions leave one dead (an elderly man) and one seriously injured (a straight man, who was attacked by error) ··> SA[es].

South Africa: internal ANC crisis deepens as police represses demonstrators supporting Youth leader Julius Malema, who criticized President Zuma and denounced neighboring Botswana as a puppet regime (of the imperialist powers) ··> BBC, video at PO


Government finds many locations in 100km area that would have been evacuated by Chernobyl standards, yet they remain ignored by the authorities ··> Energy News.

Yokohama city determined to poison its children with radioactivity no matter what ··> Ex-SKF.

Environment, agriculture, science: Monsanto super-seeds losing in the evolutionary match: genetically engineered seeds no longer resistant against bugs ··> Wall Street Journal.

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