Thursday, August 4, 2011

Madrid: tensions rising around Sol (external article)

The mood is turning against the Vatican
From Spanish Revolution.

In [Puerta del] Sol on 4 August 2011 at 14:55 [that's barely two hours ago, as I publish this].

Dear people,

Only days ago I was really thinking that things were about to calm down in Madrid. Most people of the marches had gone home. Summer was at its height. People had gone home or on holiday and the revolution was migrating to other countries.

Thankfully, every time things seem to calm down, the authorities give our movement a new impulse. This time by ordering the desalojo [eviction] of Sol in view of the visit of the pope.

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  1. wow this is fucking NEWS in AMERICA. I am fucking shocked, sorry for the use of profanity but I haven't heard of demonstrations in Spain on news channels in America. Looking at the information on this page ( it looks like a major distortion in spanish politics but why did not gain international fame? I am so confused and I even searched and nothing on the website about spain. This is ridiculous.

  2. It got some prominence back in the day, i.e. almost three months ago. The media has been reporting on the matter even if very reluctantly, same for Greece, when there are incidents or something like that.

    An interesting detail on how press reacted as the movement unfolded can be found in this post's update.

    There is strong discontent all through Europe: in the last year, we have witnessed strong protests at least in Spain, Greece (these two with persistent occupation of central plazas, Egypt-style, also general strikes in Greece, not Spain), Portugal, Italy, France (strong general strike imposed by the workers on the unions), Belgium and the UK (student movement).

    The whole EU (except Germany?) is very much upset at the economic situation and political mismanagement/abuse/ripoff. It's not like people is watching how they cut the grass under their feet without raising even a finger.


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