Saturday, August 20, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Aug 20)

Basque Country: solidarity with threatened social center Kukutza Gatztexea takes over the Athletic-Trabzonspor football match ··> SA[es].

Through Kukutza they will not pass!

Basque Country/Spain: legal denounce tries that the Joseph Ratzinger (alias Benedict XVI) be arrested for complicity with sexual abuse of minors while he is still under Spanish juridisction ··> Gara[es]. Police aggressions against secularist demonstrators continue in Madrid ··> Gara[es].

France: Unions call symbolic protest as social situation deteriorates ··> WSWS.

Libya: Nato bombs Leptis Magna (World Heritage site), probably leaving the area radioactive forever ··> Uruknet.

Military target? Defending civilians?

Syria: tanks enter Homs after protest ··> Al Jazeera.

Bahrain: Demonstrations continue (video from Sitra) ··> PO.

Honduras: African-American Garifuna people demonstrate against the Neoliberal plans that will uproot them ··> LINYM[es].

Model city = expulsion of Garifuna people of Honduras

Chile: 50,000 students march through Santiago demanding quality public education, clashes at Valparaíso. ··> Al Jazeera, also video at PO.

Valparaíso, Chile second largest city

Japan: radioactive sludge by children's swimming pool in Kawasaki (Tokyo suburb) ··> Ex-SKF.


Vicenç Navarro: Crisis and Class Struggle in the Eurozone ··> Counterpunch.

Dave Stratma: What should the Verizon strikers do? ··> Naked Capitalism.

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