Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spain bows to multinational banks with debt ceiling "constitutional reform"

We want to decide
There's no difference between the two twin parties of the Spanish (or any other bourgeois) political system. They quickly agreed one of the few constitutional reforms since Franco's death and they are performing it without any referendum whatsoever. 

The reform is meant to establish a debt ceiling, what in practical terms means to cut the army and the police forces to zero and to massively tax the rich. Just joking of course, in practical terms it means suppressing all established public services except the institutional repression in favor the bourgeois class and its privilege of property. 

And that's the trend in Europe and all NATOland. 

Naturally a referendum would mean, most likely, that the reform would be rejected.

Meanwhile critical reforms like the recognition of the right of self-determination of the peoples are and will never be produced. I'm bored of listening to the propaganda pre-designed phrase "but we have democracy". No we do not have democracy while the Basque People cannot freely decide our destiny. 

But even Spaniards have no democracy, being only able to choose between identical twins... evil twins.

Important Update: demo at Madrid on Thursday

A demonstration has been called for next Thursday September 1st at Madrid at Atocha (street?, plaza? station?).

Some of the adherents are: Vallekas' Assembly for the General Strike, Popular Athenaeus of Solidarity among the Peoples, Antifascist Coordination of Madrid, CJC, Communist Initiative, IzCa, Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain, Red Network, SAS...

The legal argument is that any constitutional reform that affects fundamental rights must go through referendum and this one does because it establishes how the citizens must be enslaved to pay to the banks and speculators; so this hurried modification is in unconstitutional and, if it goes ahead, amounts to a true coup.

That is why a referendum is demanded.

Further info in Spanish at the Antifascist Coordinator of Madrid, interesting video also at Sare Antifaxista.

Important Update:

Another demo has been called by the twin mainstream unions UGT and CC.OO. for September 6. While these two unions have been losing appeal because of being part of the false democracy system, they still retain some capacity of mobilization. 

··> AFP.

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