Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cables from the class war (Aug 4)

Spain: Protests continue

While the Puerta del Sol remains heavily guarded by police, 2000 people cut the Gran Via, the main street of Madrid, to traffic. 
Today there is a demo from the Royal Palace starting at 12:00 (almost two hours ago, I have no info yet). 

Tuesday demo in Madrid - video:

More info in English at Spanish Revolution, in Spanish at Kaosenlared.

Alsace: dies last survivor of 'Gay Holocaust'

Rudolf Bradzda, German of Czech ancestry, was one of the many victims of Nazi homophobia. He died yesterday at the venerable age of 98 at Bantzenheim (Alsace). 

Bradza was one of the many victims of Buchenwald, which, in spite of not being an extermination camp, saw some 25% of all inmates killed anyhow.

The pink triangle used by the Nazis to identify the homosexual victims of their paranoid persecution has become since then a symbol of Gay Pride.

··> Sare Antifaxista[es].

Argentina: demos in solidarity with squatters killed in Jujuy - video:

Four people were killed last week when police attacked the squatters at their homes in Libertador, Jujuy, Argentina.

Papua: thousands demand independence from Indonesia

10,000 demonstrators demanded independence for the western half of the island of Papua (New Guinea) which has been colonized by Indonesia since the Netherlands left. 

Protesters demand a referendum and that international community acknowledge this as the decolonization and international problem it is. 

The demonstration coalesced after a deadly massacre by either the Indonesian Army or their subservient death squads. The Indonesian occupants blame the independentist armed force Free Papua Movement (OPM).

A commander of the OPM denied the allegations, saying that they had ordered all cells to lay down their weapons and, in any case, that the OPM does not commit that kind of massacres:

Certain groups may accuse us of the shooting, but Papuans will never believe it. Papuans trust the OPM, he said.

··> My.Sinchew.

Today's song: Everything is Alright (Dena ongi dabil) by Zarama:

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