Sunday, August 21, 2011

Echoes of the Class War (Aug 21)

  • When normal behavior is meaningless ··> Clifford Biddulph at The Commune.
  • Riots evidence that the system is not viable ··> WSWS.
  • London mayor Boris Johnson is a gangster who keeps omertá. Then he insults lower class rioters for the same reasons, what an elitist hypocrite! ··> The Independent.
  • Lack of evidence linking social media to riots ··> CNN.
  • Pilgrims carrying Basque or Catalan banners insulted and threatened at Pope's circus ··> Gara[es].
  • Demo against Ratzinger on Friday again ··> video at PO.

Egypt: Thousands demonstrate before Zionist embassy ··> video at PO.

USA: Exchange students on J-1 visa enslaved by chocolate maker Hershey ··> Morning Star.

Honduras: President of Peaasant Movement (MARCA), Secundino Ruiz, murdered by death squads commanded by the infamous landlord Miguel Facussé. The (illegitimate, coupist) government blames the violence onto foreigners, go figure! ··> LINYM[es].

Kazakhstan: As many as 18,000 extractive workers carried on a strike in May in the Central Asian republic, strike that was brutally repressed by the state, imprisoning many. The Greek Communist Party makes an appeal for the release of struggling workers ··> KKE.

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