Wednesday, August 10, 2011

English riots update and Gaza communications black out

I could not sleep so I am following England's riots at Twitter and such for a while. Birmingham (again) and Manchester (anew) flaring tonight. Also Nottingham, where a police station was set alight, Liverpool, Salford, Wolwerhampton. London seems calm... yet relatively calm so far, with report of explosion in Tottenham recycling spot.

The Guardian has an interactive map of verified incidents. Though it did not list yet some reported elsewhere.

685 arrests in connection with the riots in the last three days, at least some for "inciting" them online.

Fascist group EDL, which is related to Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, aims to cater on these riots and has announced that will set up vigilante patrols (AP). Reported at Enfield, as core of a vigilante group that has been unmolested by police. They shouted repeatedly "get the Pakis!" Paki is the equivalent of Nigger but for South Asians, highly offensive because it has a long history of racist use behind, in spite of PR claims that vigilante groups are made up of "normal people", normal people don't go around shouting "get the Pakis!", Nazis do.

La Haine reports[es] that Blackberry has yielded private information to police, possibly leading to some of the arrests. The site of this company has been hacked as reprisal.

Also, if you wondered why the only mortal victim of the riots, an unnamed man aged 26 shot in Croydon last night, has been eclipsed from the media so quickly, it is because he was the victim of a police attack, according to witnesses, who claimed that police agents shot several times against a barricade, hitting the victim.

Gaza communications blackout

Incidentally, I also found that Gaza Strip, the World largest racist concentration camp, has seen all its communications cut off by a bulldozer. It is not clear at this point if this is intentional or accidental but very worrisome in any case. The blackout lasting for 8 hours already.

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