Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Aug 17) - Breivik style attack planned in Spain

A lot of stuff, so I'll be brief in each.

Spain: Christian Fundamentalist terrorist arrested in Madrid. The unnamed Breivik imitator, a Mexican student of chemistry, planned to attack secularist demo to be held this evening. ··> Sare Antifaxista[es].

Spain: priests denounce Pope's visit for connection with the far right and banksters' mafia, as well as for the cost to the state's budget. ··> Foro curas de Madrid[es].

England: draconian penalties for "Facebook riot" that never happened. ··> Jews Sans Frontieres.

A little street homage
Basque Country: 20th anniversary of the (totally illegal and shocking) murder of three ETA members in the Morlans neighborhood (Donostia / San Sebastian) by Spanish military police. ··> Sare Antifaxista[es].

Basque Country/France: compassive death doctor Nicolas Bonnemaison arrested in Baiona (Bayonne). Triggers debate on the right to a dignified death (vast majority supports, Christian dinosaurs oppose). ··> Gara[es].

Tunisia: police fires tear gas against protesters. ··> The Egyptian Gazette.

Egypt: protests against the trial of civilians in military courts. ··> Almasry Alyoum.

USA: Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant (Florida) under inspection. ··> Energy News

USA: San Francisco Bay Area railroad decrees state of exception in its installations: cutting mobile phone service and forbidding assemblies of any sort. ··> Electronic Frontier Foundation

USA: 48% fear that budget cuts will lead to violence. ··> Rasmussen Reports.  

USA: protests against construction project on a 6000 years-old Native cemetery (archaeological site). ··> Taiwan News.

Cuba/USA: the first 'Gringo' tourists in half a century arrive to the big island after restrictions are lowered by Washington. ··> Gara[es].

Mexico: Thousands demonstrate against drug war. ··> BBC.

Militarization at Bajo Aguán
Honduras: the clash that ended with four security guards and a minor dead did not involve organized peasants but did involve peasants from an independent community and armed guards of the local feudal lord, Miguel Facussé. ··> LINYM[es]. It is serving as pretext to militarize the Bajo Aguán again. ··> LINYM[es].

Bolivia: Native Americans march against road that President Morales considers critical infrastructure. ··> BBC, video at PO.

India: arrested anti-corruption leader and 1000 supporters. ··> BBC. Demonstrations in all major cities ··> video at PO.

Japan: Fukushima was seriously damaged before the earthquake and tsunami. ··> The Independent.

Japan: Neptunium-239 reporters purged from TV. ··> Fukushima Diary.

Japan: Hokkaido's Tomari nuclear plant re-starts reactor 3. ··> Ex-SKF.

Shamir Amin
Opinion: Interview with Samir Amin on the Arab Revolutions (only available in French and Spanish). ··>  L'Humanité[fr], Atilio Boron's blog[es].

Today's song: 'Hotel Monbar' (Kortatu), about a Spanish terrorist attack against Basque citizens in Baiona (Northern Basque Country).

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