Thursday, August 4, 2011

Basque Punk (V): BAP!!!

Previously in this series: Hertzainak, Eskorbuto, M-ak and La Polla Records. Soon to come: Zarama, RIP, MCD and whatever else I can think of.


B.A.P. (originally Anti-Police Brigade) or eventually BAP!!! They began as a quite normal punk band. Example (Torture no!):

But unlike most other groups, they truly evolved. Here at an early stage of their evolution (Bhopal, from Popular Beans and Cabbages - 1984):

Eventually they became the best that Basque music has ever produced (arguably, of course). So we got jewels like Inolaz ezin dut ahantzi (No way I can forget):

Or Ez duzu erahilko (You shall not kill):

Sadly, soon after these fantastic songs and the corresponding concerts, they dissolved. Some of the members recycled themselves into DUT (I have), a great band, no doubt, but it was not the same at all.

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