Sunday, August 14, 2011

Radioactive Japan begins to die. Japan burning nuclear residues scatters the plague to the World.

The March 11 2011 nuclear catastrophe in Japan has changed the World radically, and very specially Japan, or course.  Follow intro and link to several articles published only today that I consider important:

Fukushima Diary: Column of the Day: Your Geiger counter is less useful than common sense

It has been about 5 months since 311.

The word of Sv or Geiger counter are becoming common,unfortunately.

Just after 311,one of my friends overseas asked me if he could send me something.I asked him for a Geiger counter,but he didn’t even know what it was.

The world has drastically changed.

However,it’s about time to know what Geiger counter is,and what Sv is.

People sometimes ask me,it’s only 0.12uSv/h in Tokyo,which is lower than international average,so it must be safe.

I guess they think Geiger counter is almighty.

but actually not.

Geiger counter is only a counter.

Fukushima Diary: Breaking News: A volunteer person died of acute leukemia in Fukushima

The person,who was trying to save animals in 20 km died of acute leukemia.
This news is not covered by any media so now we are trying to figure out more details.

Seemingly,this person has been working in 20km area of Fukushima to save the starving animals left.
It was a sudden death,which is very shocking for the surroundings.

Additionally,an NPO “Save Fukushima children in Toyama” ‘s founder died all of a sudden as well.

Washington's Blog: Nuclear Expert: Radioactive Rain-Outs Will Continue For a Year In Western States (Because Japanese Are Burning Radioactive Materials)

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says in a new podcast that the Japanese are burning radioactive waste. This ends up in neighboring prefectures, or even Hawaii, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington or California.

(... continue reading ... or listen to the podcast here)

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