Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Aug 23)

Palestine: the following joint struggles against Apartheid happened in the last few days, reports Ilan Aganist the Wall:
  • Beit Omar: Residents, internationalists and Jewish citizens demonstrated in slidarity with Gaza, where the IDF terrorist organization murdered 15 people. Five were arrested and one cruelly abused.
  • Bil'in: Residents with internationalists and 30 Jewish citizens walked through olive groves occupied by the IDF, which make up some 30% of the village. They reached the apartheid wall demanding the freedom of Marwan Barghouti and other political prisoners and chanting support for the UN recognition of Palestine as member state. 
  • And many other protests.

Palestine: Jewish settler protesters begin infighting on the issue of Apartheid. The quite pointless protests of Israeli youths in Tel Aviv about to be broken on whether the rights of Palestinian Arabs are important or not. A sector of protesters held a vigil for the colonists killed without any mention to those murdered by the IDF, others meanwhile chanted Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies, while the first ones accused them of traitors and of stirring civil war (as if there was not one already).  ··> Haaretz.

Egypt: protests extend to private residence of Zionist ambassador in Cairo ··>  video at PO.

USA: oil rising again from Macondo well ··> Stuart Smith Blog.

USA: most fish in Gulf of Mexico still damaged, BP spill likely cause ··> CBS.

USA: Chocolate manufacturer Hershey tries to avoid negative publicity from slave workers' walkout and child labor denunciations ··> Penn Live.

USA: Progressives and Black political activists will not back Obama for re-election and search for alternative Democrat candidate ··> Black Agenda Report

USA: Hurricane Irene heading for nuclear power plant in North Carolina ··> Energy News.

Honduras: large teachers' and students' demonstration ··> photo-gallery at LINYM[es].

Chile: one million people join student protest (that's 6% of all Chileans and 14% of all residents in metropolitan Santiago) ··> CCTV video at PO.

Australia: demonstrations against Israel in spite of political persecution by the establishment and defamation campaigns ··> Press TV video at PO.

Japan: Fukushima Diary says:
Miyagi prefecture is just North of Fukushima I

Japan: Prof. Chris Busby (European Committee on Radiation Risk) interviewed in Japanese media: I’m too frightened to go closer to this site than 100 km… And even 100 km I’m not too happy about ··> videos at Energy News (English with Japanese subtitles).

Japan & World: Arnie Gundersen (retired nuclear engineer) denounces that the tent being built around Fukushima I reactor no.1 is actually going to send the radiation further away, solving nothing. He denounces that Japan must acknowledge the severity of the problem if it is to fix it at all ··> video at Fairewinds Associates.

Science: ecological half-life of Cesium-137 is 5-10 times larger than believed ··> Ex-SKF.

Astronomy: 'Snow White' is actually red. A lot of new information about one of the less known (and as of yet unnamed) dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt area ··> Science Daily. Check also the blog of Mike Brown, the discoverer.

Snow White's red apple? (artist's rendering of 2007 OR10)

Opinion: I'd rather not be Anna [Hazare] by Arundathi Roy ··> Indian Vanguard, originally at The Hindu. I feel that it's important to expose the fascist fraud of Hazare and Roy, as always, does marvelously.

Opinion (in Spanish): ¿Arde el Mundo? (Is the World Burning?) by Luis Britto. Or how to evolve from indignation to revolution, using as reference the English Revolution of 1645, the French Revolution of 1789 and the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Music/Opinion: Nepal - Politics and Punk at the Top of the World ··> Revolution in South Asia.

Naya Faya - If I can't dance, this isn't my revolution.

Today's song: some relaxing Basque folk music for a change: Ibon Koteron's Aizea (the wind):

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