Saturday, August 20, 2011

Situation deteriorating in the West Asia

It is not anymore just Syria's brutal repression and the sadly usual racist Zionist aggressions in diverse spots of Palestine... 

The Nazi state of Israel, not happy with killing six in a bombing against defenseless Gaza Strip (how brave!) keeps bombing the concentration camp and has already murdered 14. The pretext is an attack far away from Gaza, near Eilat, perpetrated by commandos infiltrated through the desert, possibly from Egyptian territory.

Besides Gaza killings, the Zionist racist army has also attacked Egyptian territory, killing five Egyptian citizens, at least three of them policemen, one a general. In response, Egypt has retrieved their ambassador to Israel for the first time in a decade. Egypt, Morocco and Jordan are the only three Arab states that recognize Israel formally but the situation has changed in Egypt since the popular ousting of Hosni Mubarak and the currently ruling Junta, knowing its weakness, is folding to popular pressure to keep a minimally dignified stand on this matter. 

Turkey, another regional power that recognizes Israel also retrieved their ambassador last year because of the Mavi Marmara massacre and has not returned it (because Israel won't even apologize). 

A secularist guerrilla is claimed to be behind the Eilat attacks
The arrogance of Zionists knows no bounds. But today they are weaker than they used to be, threatened by the very weakening of the USA and the NATO Empire on which they leaned so far, weakened by growing instability in the region, which is forcing dictators out and getting greater democracy, democracy that is unavoidably anti-Zionist, threatened by the very persistence of the Palestinian resistance in all forms, passive or active, nonviolent or armed... and threatened now from inside by huge protests of youngsters who do not even seem to be happy about the privileges that the racist apartheid system is giving them. 

To these protests the far right Zionist government may respond with war, genocide an increase in the colonization of the remaining Palestinian lands. One of the major demands of the Zionist youths are homes and Tel Aviv is indeed responding by building more and more settlements. 

And I wonder if it may find handy an all out war as a "reasonable" forward exit. It may backfire however but all depends on how honest and self-critical are willing to be the Israeli youths that demonstrate in Tel Aviv and other cities. Are they willing to reckon their complicity with the apartheid and genocide and try to help amend it? Or are they just thinking selfish (as it seems to be the case)? If so, are they selfish enough to desert en masse from the army and prevent a potentially disastrous war and genocide by means of direct action? 

I doubt it. I fail to see any solidarious consciousness in the Israeli youths: they seem to think like their parents that they are entitled to privileges because of their ethnicity, because of being Jewish. And nope: that's a very wrong approach.

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