Monday, August 15, 2011

The sexual assault "searches" in increasingly fascist USA

Most readers surely know about this matter already: in the every day more totalitarian USA, when you take public transport (so far only flights but it's planned to be extended to other means), you are forced to go through a very much indiscreet but specially dangerous for your health X-ray screening. If you refuse, as anybody knowledgeable would, you are sexually abused by security personnel with the pretext of a search. 

From BBC, which has decided to address the issue for a change:

Sexual abuse. 

Why? Because they want to force people to accept the other abuse: the X-rays, which do harm your health, notably men's genitalia. So they have them humiliated this way, touching breasts and genitals and everything with the only intention of being abusive and making you feel bad. 

But worse of all is when they do the same to children, go figure! In this age in which the sensibility against sexual abuse of children is supposedly so high, they are being institutionally raped each time they take a flight. 

What's the purpose? To train these children as sexual objects? To inflict on them a sexual trauma?  

And it's not just children:

When you see a 95-year-old woman who had her diaper inspected, they don't like that and understandably so.

It is not because they suspect these people of being possible terrorists, it is because they are experimenting with them in an attempt to bring them to a new level of domestication. It is, together with Echelon and other techno-fascist measures an attempt to control everything obsessively, ignoring the fact that there is no way to hold total control of anything, much less a whole country or the World. 

The person responsible for this abuse, that has been going on for about a year already, is Attorney General Eric Holder, who is threatening the airlines with canceling any flight that does not fulfill his rapist paranoid agenda.

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