Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cables from the class war (Aug 6) - revolts grow in Spain and Chile

Basque Country: More death/genocide threats against independentist politicians.

Now it has been the mayor of Andoain, Ane Karrere (pictured left with the missive), who received a letter with the following threats (among others):

... you are not people but vermin full of hatred, which must be exterminated...
... you will die as Spaniards together with our disgust and contempt...
... in Spain we are used to apply big solutions to big evils that come to us, and you are those such evil, full of craze and bestiality...
We take all these threats as addressed against all Basques, or at least all Basques who dare to dream of freedom.

··> Sare Antifaxista[es].

Meanwhile the mayor of Donostia (San Sebastian), J.K. Eizagirre pays today homage to those killed by Fascism in the city. ··> SA[es].

Spain/Catalonia: Thousands take again Puerta del Sol (Madrid) and Plaça Cataluya (Barcelona) without police opposition. This happened late in the night yesterday, reports Kaosenlared

Yesterday, demonstrations and police repression continued in Madrid. Video from Euronews:

Found at (blog), where you can also see the naivety of some young protesters appealing (Aug. 3) to the human nature of policemen under the uniform and riot gear.

Demo at the gates of the Ministry of Interior (Police)

See also the just published article at Spanish Revolution: Victory Night, with photos and all:

Spending of 50 millions of public money into the Pope's visit to Madrid (16-21 Aug.) has been severely criticized by the protesters. Some people however go a step further and are truly bothered by the apology of fundamentalism that this visit implies. SA makes an appeal to boycott all companies who privately fund the Pope's visit (list). The historical labor union CNT has replied with a week of atheist cinema and other anti-religious activities.

Danger, the Pope comes! (with a clear reference to the pederast tendencies of Catholic priests)

Also in Spain, the conservative (= fascist) mayor of Poyales del Hoyo (Ávila), Antonio Cerro, dumped the remains of 10 people killed by Fascism in that village into a mass grave without any kind of notification nor permit from their relatives. ··> SA[es].

Chile: protests grow in Santiago.

Tonight the whole city joined to the students, it seems, as a huge cacerolada (pot banging protest) took over the city. Video in English by some quite good amateur reporter:

The protests were triggered by raising the fees of public education to some 500 USD/month, a brutal figure for most Chileans. However the arrest of 130 students yesterday has only increased the revolt against a conservative President who has lost all his support.

Video found at PO.

Palestine: Opinion article at The Guardian unusually rises the issue of whether a one (secular) state state solution would not be best for all and anyhow what will unavoidably happen sooner or later. ··> David Hearst, Could Arab staying power ultimately defeat Zionism?

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