Sunday, August 28, 2011

Echoes of the Class War (Aug 28)

Antifascism also in Bilbao fiestas
I will have to be terribly succinct because just a couple of days not posting and hundreds of feeds pile up at my inbox and my provisional folders.

Basque Country:

Demo in Berriozar (Navarre) for civil and human rights for the Basque People ··> video at Ateak Ireki[eu].

Homophobic aggressions in Bilbao fiestas rejected by society (right) ··> SA[es] (1, 2).

Guardia Civil (military police) takes over the mountains this summer (just another provocation) ··> SA[es].

Basque and Afro-American festival to be held in Baiona (Bayonne) on September 9-11 ··> SA[eu]:

 Massive demonstration for national democratic rights in Bilbao fiestas ··> SA[es].

NATOland:  NATO Secretary General suffers civic red ink "attack" on his immaculate suit of mass murder (from PO):

Greece: students protest against elitist education reforms ··> video at PO.

Catalonia: Antifascist demo in Salt against PxC Nazi party ··> video at SA[es].

Spain/France/EU ··> Indignants' march reaches Bordeaux ··> Spanish Revolution blog.

Popular march to Brussels - We go slow because we go far

Austria: another Fitzl-style case of incestuous rape in nightmare 41 years-long slavery of daughters ··> The Guardian.

Romania/Europe: Fukushima radioactivity detected in Romania. ··> Environmental Research Web (via Fukushima Diary). 

Britain: rights groups protest plans by Tory-Fascist Cameron government to shut down Internet in case of social unrest ··> The Inquirer.

Libya: The total air raids of NATO mass-murder machinery was 20,518 (official figure). Most of them were bombing of civilian areas with depleted uranium bombs that leave radioactivity for centuries. ··> Atilio Boron[es]

Palestine: El Salvador acknowledges Palestine statehood, with the right to exist within safe and internationally recognized borders (the usual Zionist hypocrite statement reversed) ··> LINYM[es].


Madison (Wisconsin) demo "We won't pay for your crisis!" ··> video at PO.

Nashville (Tennessee) demo against job cuts ··> video at PO.

CIA demands cuts on book by FBI agent, evidencing that CIA let the alleged terrorist do their bid ··> Truthout.

Nuclear Plant at Maryland reports unusual event following hurricane Irene ··> Energy News.

BP spill and abuse of dispersants caused totally unique illnesses in the Gulf of Mexico ··> FOSL.

Footage of oil popping up at Deepwater Horizon site ··> video at FOSL.

Oil over Macondo site matches BP chemical signature ··> FOSL.

Federal reserve admits to own no gold ··> video at PO (min. 1:40 and on).

Structural damage at Virginia nuclear plant (between Washington D.C. and Norfolk naval base, the very heart of )

Oil spill at damaged Virginia nuclear plant ··> Energy News.

Spent fuel facility threatened by wildfire in Idaho ··> Energy News.


Disney products made at slave and child labor factory in China. Concern over dangerous chemicals ··> The Guardian.


When one falls, thousands arise
First mortal victim of social protests. Manuel Gutiérrez Reinoso, 14, was shot down by the Carabineros (military police) while walking at his neighborhood, for no reason at all. Another person, Mario Parraguez Pinto, 18, was critically injured by a bullet in the eye ··> LINYM[es], SA[es].

Also video of clashes Aug 25 with impressive images of water cannons and gas used by the police against citizens ··> PO.


Minimum salaries more than doubled while Sandinistas in power ··> LINYM[es].


Honest journalists fired from Radio Globo and Globo TV ··> LINYM[es].


Food chaos as government renounces to any safety control of radiation ··> Fukushima Diary

Physicians against Nuclear War sent letter to Naoto Kan asking to take rational measures  to prevent radioactive contamination by food ··> Scribd document (via Fukushima Diary).

Citizens challenge radiation safety levels proclaimed by government against all good practices ··> Energy News.


Amnesty International calls for liberation of Papuan nationalist prisoner Melkianus Bleskadit. He was sentenced to two years of prison for organizing a peaceful protest ··> Jakarta Globe.


Arctic sea routes opened again as global warming destruction of the ice caps re-emerges after three years of  pause because of Solar minimum ··> BBC.

Scented laundry products are carcinogenic and uncontrolled ··> Science Daily.


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