Thursday, August 25, 2011

Echoes of the Class War (Aug 25)

Palestine: five more murdered by the IDF in gratuitous terrorist bombings in Gaza tonight ··> Uruknet.

Palestine: settlers uproot olive trees, grapevines near Hebron ··>  Uruknet.

Italy: Unions call 24 hrs. General Strike for September 6 ··> Il Manifesto[it].

Sweden: Ikea's founder Ingvar Kamprad, Nazi to the marrow. His wealth (our money and our work, you Capitalist thief!) is surely still financing far-right extremism in Europe and around the World, beware! ··> BBC.

Catalonia: Nazi pseudo-democratic party Plataforma x Catalunya forces resignation of two elected municipal councilors for... having Black boyfriends. Spanish humor magazine El Jueves call them all jerks (right):

Jerk the party itself for pretending to be democratic and be now pictured for what they really are: racist rednecks.

Jerks the councilors. Immigrant boyfriend and PxC card? May we know what they are playing to?

And jerks their respective friends for going out with militants of such a horrible party.

··> Sare Antifaxista[es].

Libya: Chaos and terror take over Tripoli as rebels move in ··> Uruknet (1, 2).

Kashmir: Ali Abuminah reminds us the terrible reality that Kashmiris suffer every day under Indian occupation, with constant risk of extrajudicial killings, rape, atrocious tortures... ··> Electronic Intifada.

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Chile: Police raided squats in Valparaiso and Santiago without presence of attorney and with fake judge authorizations, they found nothing, yet arrested people ··> Contra Info.

Chile: General Strike continues today with violence (left). Will make a synthesis later on ··> La Haine[es].

USA: Environmentalist freed after White House protest ··> Rutland Herald (see also this article at Journal Star for background).

USA: Nuclear risk: 
  • Minor release of radiation at shattered Virginia nuclear power plant ··> Energy News.
  • Virginia NPP went into automatic shut down after all, damaging the systems ··> Energy News.
  • Dark colored steam from Virginia NPP ··> Video at Energy News.
  • Hurricane Irene threatens Connecticut NPP (uh, actually it threatens all NYC area for what I can tell) ··> Energy News.

Japan: Nuclear catastrophe:
  • Chinese researchers detect high levels of cesium-134, strontium-90 and argentum-110 (radioactive silver) in marine life East of Fukushima ··> Energy News.
  • Japanese government to monitor blogs and tweets instead of using the budget to evacuate the North and contain radioactive scatter ··> Energy News.

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