Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cables from the class war (Aug 11)

England seems calm for a change. Only a minor incident was reported tonight. It's been three days of riots which have left four people dead (probably: one by police shots and three by a Nazi attack, of racist and islamophobic nature, using a car).


Basque Country: Spanish occupation army goes to the beach

Believe it or not, that's how the Spanish authorities like to remind us who is the boss: they bring a column of soldiers for a stroll near the beach with full weaponry, or by the middle of some towns... or to plant a Spanish flag in the highest nearby mountain.

Yesterday it was the beach of La Arena, possibly the most visited beach of the Basque Country, not because of its beauty but because it's close to the most populated areas of the working class neighborhoods of Greater Bilbao.

Basque Country: come and tell yourself (tourism slogan).

They arrived in full gear, escorted by the Guardia Civil (feared military police corps similar to the French Gendarmerie) scared with their presence sunbathing and lunch-eating citizens for a while and then left.

··> Deia[es].

Chile: protests, clashes, repression... continue

Video from Al Jazeera (via PO):

Palestine: 11 people arrested at Walaja, while trying to prevent the uprooting of trees and other destruction caused by the Zionist construction of the apartheid wall. ··> Al Jazeera.

Egyptian authorities found more radioactive items in shipment from Japan

The shipment is made up of electronic material and authorities are doing their best to contain the radioactivity. Companies may have their import licenses revoked but still it is a very serious issue that damages once again the credibility of Japanese exports, which may well be silently spreading radiation through the world, specially where controls are not tight enough.

Japan: radioactive beef in lunches at 300 schools through 12 prefectures. ··> Ex-SKF.

Eritrea (opinion article by Thomas C. Mountain): Eritrea: An Island of Food in Africa’s Horn of Hunger (Black Agenda Report).

Psychology/sociology: Narcissists are chosen to lead (people admire their apparent self-confidence) but are horrible leaders in fact (they do not listen nor let ideas flow). ··> MedicalXPress.

(I feel this is an important issue if we want to improve our social organization towards greater efficiency and greater democracy. If so, narcissists, and our tendency to fall for their farce, are a big problem).

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