Monday, August 15, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Aug 15)

Auvergne: Fascist aggression at Clermont-Ferrand. ··> Libertat[fr].

Spain: Breivik's apprentice tries to stab protester against Pope's visit (from SA[es]). Video of the incident in Spanish:

The victim, Martín Sagrera, who was only slightly harmed when a man stabbed him in the hand from behind without previous discussion, protested on his own against the fact that the Pope gives €50,000 to Somalia and then wastes more than €50 million in the visit to Madrid. He argues that this is not what Jesus preached at all.

Unlike what happened in Norway, the attacker was immediately arrested by undercover police, without causing any more harm. 

China: popular protests (at least 12,000 people) shut down nuclear power plant in Dalian ··> Ex-SKF.

Honduras: new clashes in Bajo Aguán leave more injured and dead. Not clear yet who are the victims. ··> LINYM[es].

Black New Yorkers demand change in US foreign policy, specifically in Africa (from PO):

Egypt: Oil workers demonstrate at government meeting, demanding to meet prime minister E. Sharaf and oil minister A. Ghorab in order to secure jobs (from PO):

Palestine (Jews-only zone, aka Israel): Zionist pseudo-indignants demonstrate their elitism and racism by rejecting refugees (from PO):

How different with the circumstances in Spain, where solidarity with immigrants has been a pillar of all protests. Similarly, I have repeatedly denounced here and there that these spoiled Zionist kids have not at all shown their solidarity with the real oppressed under the boot of Tel Aviv: the native Palestinian People, even if in some spots the so-called "Arab Israeli" (Palestinians allowed, by the moment, to remain in the Jewish-only zone) and Jewish have joined efforts.

Opinion article: We are all Lumpenproles Now (part 1) at Volatility blog. Excerpts:

These enclosures always, by design, generated a vast horde of economically obsolete people, who were from the start stigmatized as criminal “vagrants”.


Even as late as the Great Depression, however, there were still enough farmers and people with farmers in the family that there was more of an option for the unemployed to still go back to the farm...
We need to face the facts. This system is a game completely rigged against us. It’s literally insane for anyone not rich to play by its rules or recognize any aspect of its claims or values. Within this system, we are useless, worthless, superfluous, unemployable, alien, foreign, the wretched refuse, despised and rejected, the dregs, the lowest of the low. We’re born criminals, objective enemies, existential scum.

Today's song: RIP: 'Escoria' ('Scum'):

Translated lyrics:
We are scum and scum we'll give you
We feel hatred and we'll make you hate
You live in decorated beehives
you dream of a solid future
Scum your future is, scum your future is!
Scum, scum, scum, scum...


Hands up! This is a rescue!!
 From Diagonal Periódico - Emma Gascó.

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