Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tokyo radiation map

From Energy News and Radiation Defense Project (PDF, original map, a bit larger than the one shown here).

The scale is based on Chernobyl relocation criteria. You can see that there are many affected wards in Greater Tokyo, including those requiring at least temporary relocation by best practice standards.

Many areas remain unsampled anyhow and beware because radiation can be low here and high just a few meters away.

Update: the list of locations where measures were performed and the exact measure has been made available by a Facebook user at Scribd (found via Fukushima Diary).

The measures can only for minimal reference, as radiation, as I said above can change in a matter of meters, somewhat randomly. Anyhow there was a storm from the North falling into the Kanto region on the 19th. It is unavoidable that each storm or wind from the affected area will bring some more radiation, specially until some sort of containment is built around the reactors, so the situation can only worsen.

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