Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Echoes of the Class War (Aug 30)

Basque Country: Anonymous stickers appeal to place thumbtacks on roads as the Spanish nationalist biking competition La Vuelta is imposed again on the Basque Country taking advantage of a unilateral ceasefire by armed organization ETA:

Thumbtack Day, says the sticker
Traditionally, since I have memory,  every single time that the Spanish authorities tried to impose La Vuleta on the territory of the Basque Country bomb threats dissuaded them or made the march so painfully slow and cautious that became worthless as competition and sport show.

As ETA has declared a unilateral cease fire for some time now, any such bomb threat may be not credible, but that does not mean that the Basque People is resigning to the Spanish impositions and is instead reacting with creativity, I would say. 

··> Sare Antifaxista[es].


Nuclear Regulatory Commission report underlines that Virginia's North Anna nuclear power plant is in a an unanalyzed condition that significantly degrades plant safety. The earthquake may have exceeded the resistance capacity of the nuclear site ··> Energy News

Radioactive cesium in San Francisco supermarket milk close to maximum levels accepted by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ··> Energy News, University of California Berkeley.


Student assassinated by policeman in Bogota on Aug. 19. Diego Felipe Becerra, 16, was shot down by policemen while running away after being caught while drawing graffiti ··> CPDDH.

Diego Felipe Becerra, assassinated by the Colombian state for drawing graffiti


Workers march in Seoul demanding readmission of 400 fired comrades from Hanjin and are attacked with water cannon ··> Asia One.


Tokyo metropolitan area's incinerator ash above radiation limit to allow it to be buried normally (must be treated as radioactive material). In some cases (Chiba) not significantly different from Fukushima (both 10x times the level of central Tokyo, which is already above the limit). Another seriously affected area is Iwate prefecture in the NE of Honshu ··> The Manichi Daily News, Japan Times, Energy News.

Fukushima I worker died of acute leukemia ··> Ex-SKF.

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