Monday, February 18, 2013

Morocco's military trial issues heavy punishment against Sahrawi activists

You may recall that in 2010, Moroccan armed forces attacked the Justice and Dignity Camp near El Aaiun, murdering many. The subsequent popular uprising at El Aaiun and other Sahrawi occupied towns was met with a military backed pogrom. Now the fascist regime of Morocco has pretended to close that chapter, the first episode of the so-called Arab Spring, preceding the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions only by a matter of months, by holding a mock military trial in which 24 arrested Sahrawis have been sentenced only on the "evidence" of contradictory confessions obtained by means of torture. 

The 24 Sahrawis have been punished with life sentences or 20 years in prison, depending on the case. While no original source talks of dead occupant forces, Morocco pretends that eleven of their uniformed thugs were killed, and these people have been arbitrarily accused of their unreal deaths. To add injury to this mockery, the prosecutor presented TV images of Palestinian dead children as evidence, pretending that they are victims of the Justice and Dignity Camp, caused not by the Moroccan criminals but by the accused. 

The defense, naturally, asked for acquittal on the grounds that the self-accusations were totally contradictory. They also argued that the photos in which the accused appeared together with members of the POLISARIO Front (in useless unilateral truce since 22 years ago) are the real reason behind the persecution of these people specifically. 

Source: Gara[es].

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