Friday, February 15, 2013 Inc. used Nazi bodyguards to intimidate workers

Zero tolerance against fascism: boycott Amazon!

It has been known these days that the online shopping giant used the more than dubious services of a company named HESS Security (for the war criminal Rudolf Hess), who wore SS-style black uniforms, military boots and haircuts, to "keep order" at the hostels where immigrant workers from across Europe stayed. 

The Neonazi guards regularly searched the bedrooms and kitchens of the workers, claiming to be "the police here". The abuses were totally arbitrary like throwing out a worker for drying her clothes on a wall heater.

Some of the guards even wore clothing of a brand clearly identified with the Neonazis, which has been banned by the Bundesliga (German football championship) and the Bundesrat. Ironically Amazon itself stopped selling this particular brand for the same reasons in 2009. 

The Nazi guard harassment is not the only aspect of Amazon management in Germany which has been denounced: workers had often to walk up to 17 kilometers to and from work and they had no job security whatsoever. While being promised relatively high salaries in their countries of origin, as soon as they arrived to Germany, they were notified of a severe "salary cut".

Naturally all workers in this decadent late ultra-Capitalist Europe were too frightened to protest, risking being fired and left with nothing. 

Source: The Independent (via Naked Capitalism).

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