Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ukraine: a roof and wall collapsed at the Chernobyl nuclear plant

While the nuclear facility is no longer producing energy, as you may know, total decommissioning is not really possible in decades because the infrastructure is too contaminated and there are nowhere to take it (yeah, nuclear power is an endless nightmare). 

Today this happened:

Part of the roof and some of the walls at the plant’s machine room, close to the sarcophagus that seals the reactor number four which melted down in the 1986 accident, fell under the weight of the snow.

The collapsed building is a facility built in 1986, upon the then worst nuclear accident ever, but it is not the sarcophagus that contains the ever-boiling monster inside the doomed reactor number four. 

The authorities claim that there is no particular danger caused by this collapse (but don't they say that always?) but in any case the incident raises more questions about how safe is Chernobyl today. 

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