Wednesday, February 20, 2013

USA: three nuclear workers have died in strange circumstances in few weeks

The news have been echoed by Energy News, at first it looked just like a strange event. On February 7th it was reported that:

A man working at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Lake County died while on the job Tuesday...

That is on February 5th, near Cleveland (Ohio). The facility was under intense scrutiny by Nuclear Regulatory Commission but what can one think without being alarmist? 

Ten days later, on February 17th, another nuclear worker was found dead at Cook nuclear power plant (Michigan). Also human remains had been found among the debris collected by water intake filters at that same facility, surely just a rare coincidence but the macabre tone of the workers' deaths was anyhow enhanced. 

Yesterday it was known that, at Brunswick nuclear power plant (North Carolina), a man collapsed inside the protected area and was later declared dead. 

All coincidences? Or something is going very wrong at US nuclear facilities?

Source: Energy News (link 1, link 2, link 3).

Update (Feb 20): Allegedly no trace of radioactive contamination was found in the Brunswick deceased worker, even if he fell death in his protection clothing inside a contaminated area. → EneNews.

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