Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On the Italian crisis (in Spanish)

Just a quick note for those able to read Spanish or willing to use an online translator. The blog Information List Nicaragua and More (Spanish) has a series of four articles on the Italian crisis (The crisis from Italy), which look very interesting (I could not read them in full yet). They are:

  1. La crisis desde Italia - "Dictadura" de la austeridad impone "toque de queda" para los derechos de los trabajadores (1° parte) (Austerity 'dictatorship' imposes curfew on workers' rights)
  2. La crisis desde Italia - Jóvenes, mujeres e inmigrantes son las principales víctimas de la crisis (2° parte) (Youth, women and immigrants are the main victims of the crisis)
  3. La crisis desde Italia - "La economía del ladrillo: Italia invierte en grandes obras a pesar de la recesión (3° parte) (The 'brick economy': Italy invests in large infrastructures in spite of recession)
  4. La crisis desde Italia - Italianos están desconfiados y cansados de la política, dice historiador (4° y última parte) (Italians distrust and feel tired of politics, says historian)

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