Friday, February 8, 2013

European Parliament vetoes an exhibition on the victims of Francoism

The decision was taken by a single EPM, Joe Higgins (Fine Gael, Ireland), who incidentally shares Euro-Party (European People's Party) with the heirs of Fascism in Spain (People's Party), as well as with other extremist parties like Hungarian Fidesz, Berlusconi's PdL, etc. His pretext: that the images were impacting and, wow!, that the events could ignite political controversy (what's the Parliament for then?)

The exposition was proposed by Catalan MEP, Raül Romeva (ICV, part of all-Spain Left coalition United Left-The Greens), vice-president of the European Parliament's group of the European Green Party, requested the exhibition area of the Strasbourg Parliament to host temporarily the installation 'Exhuming pits, recovering dignities' which illustrates the recent and belated effort to recover the remains of the victims of Fascist crimes in Spain since the military coup of 1936, led by the all-Spain Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory (ARMH) and the Basque Aranzadi Society of Sciences, a reputed academic institution.

The exhibition would have been held in the European Parliament between the 18th and 22nd of this month, would it not have been vetoed unilaterally by that Higgins inquisitor guy. 

Marco Antonio González, Vice-President of the ARMH, expressed his surprise and shock in press conference, denouncing Higgins arbitrariness:

This is a form of negationism. The thousands of missing people of the Francoist dictatorship are part of the history of Europe and are therefore the history of all European MPs.

He also said that:

A Parliament that has hosted exhibitions on the victims of the Holocaust and the victims of terrorism, with very harsh images, cannot reject looking at the reality of history with the excuse that the images are impacting. 

It is an unbelievable act bordering censorship on a matter of human rights. 

Source: Público[es].

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