Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Draghi goes to Madrid and all communications are shut down

Source: Alternative economics
The meeting that ECB's Monetary Pope Mario Draghi is holding with the Spanish Congress today is happening in the utmost secrecy. Not only the meeting will have no acts whatsoever (which is probably illegal for any congressional meeting) but, following direct orders from the all powerful GS partner himself, all mobile phones have been inhibited by police in the area where he is. As some communists MPs had announced they would tweet the meeting instead under the hashtag #OpenDraghi, the ruling board of Congress has almost entirely collapsed all communications inside the building. 

Democracy?! Freedom of speech?! Transparency?!

This is the face of the New Fascism in Europe.

Source: Naiz Info[es].


Draghi offered a press conference after the meeting babbling the typical pointless nonsense: "I know citizens are suffering..." What can you know, you mafioso murderer?! (→ Público[es]).

On the other hand, MPs of United Left apparently managed to film and broadcast the full meeting (via this site), showing that censorship is mostly useless in this time and age. (→ Público[es])

All videos are found in the YouTube channel of Inciativa per Catalunya - Les Verts.

Update: these are the five videos available at the moment, which includes the end of the speech by Mario Draghi (translated to Spanish in situ), a full version (23 mins) can be watched here.

1. Presentation:

2. Intro (Draghi begins speaking at c. 1:30 mins):

3. Draghi praises the "achievements" of Spain and "understands" the frustration of the citizenry:

4. Appeal for European unified direction, more macroeconomy. Pillars of his policy: total support for the banksters (massive public loans at effectively zero interest), preventing deflation (a common bourgeois fear), avoiding a credit crisis (acknowledges failure), praises the evolution of financial adjustments in Spain, blames the private banks and the state of the economy for their fear to issue loans:

5. Extreme demands for any sort of rescue, economic optimism ("reforms" are working - or so he says). Long term view: more EU, near-achievement of the financial union. More competitivity is the only "solution" he offers, importance of national and European consensus.

Nothing new: so much secrecy for more of the same austerian propaganda?

I can't find any video on the questions and answers section of the meeting yet.

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