Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Basque Country: another Capitalism-caused suicide - and update on the recent death of Cordoba

Borroka Garaia da! (It's time of struggle!) reports today[es] that a worker from Basauri, just a few kilometers from where I live, took his life at the age of 56 under the threat of eviction from his home and after electricity and water supply had been cut to him. He had contacted Stop Evictions! but never arrived to the office.

Update on the death of José Lema Bretón (Córdoba, Andalusia)

The article at Borroka Garaia da! however deals mostly with the better documented case of the Andalusian construction worker, José Francisco Lema Bretón, who, quite ironically, had built his home himself (but had to ask for a loan because a work accident left him handicapped for a whole year). José was active in the Stop Evictions! association that offers assessment to victims of the mortgages' usurary deadly scam and sometimes also organizes nonviolent resistance actions against evictions. After years of struggling, in a desperate attempt he cut his own throat before the bank that squeezed him and his family (his parents are also under threat). That time he did not die... but the bank, Kutxabank-Cajasur, continued his murderous activity until they got their corpse (previously reported here).

Here there is the video-testimony of this victim, one of many, before the fatal blow (in Spanish):

There are many ways to kill. One can stab a knife in your guts, take away your bread, deprive you of a cure for your illness, put you in a miserable housing, torture you to death with work, take you to war, etc.

Only a few of these are prohibited in our country.
Bertolt Brecht.

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