Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Honduras: March for Dignity and Sovereignty

The Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) is 20 years old and is rather bitter birthday, as the situation of the Central American country is, as I put it days ago, worse than that of a banana republic and resembles more and more a fully failed state, largely thanks to the US-sponsored coup of 2009, which is selling the country off  to private corporations and landowners, local and foreigner.

For that reason the COPINH has begun the March for Dignity and Sovereignty, which demands: 
  • Derogation of the Law of "Special Development Regimes, Areas of Employment and Economic Development", also known as "Model Towns" (but which would be best described as "Law of Extraterritorial Concessions to Foreign Slavers and Pirates").
  • Derogation of the Mining Law
  • Cancellation of all mining concessions
  • Cancellation of environmental licenses for the building of reservoirs that privatize water and energy; rejection of the energy matrix, part of the enclave economy and predator of life. Immediate freedom for imprisoned comrade Chevo Morales.
  • Stop to forester exploitation in the area.
  • Reinstating the Program of Teacher Education for the Lenca People.
  • Stop to violence against women and youths.
  • Immediate registration of the Indigenous lands.
  • True democratization of communication and the radio-electric spectrum.
  • No more violations of Human Rights.
  • No more criminalization of social struggles.
  • Stop to violence and social insecurity.
  • Respect to the application of Covenant 169 on the Indigenous Peoples.
  • Cessation of the impunity and reparations to the victims of human rights' violations.
Source[es]: COPINH (via LINyM).

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