Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chile: union leader murdered

Juan Pablo Jiménez, president of the main worker union of AZETA, subcontractor of Chilectra (electric company of Chile), was found death by bullet inside the facilities of the company last Thursday February 21st, just the day before he was called as witness to the Labor Directorate on reports of unjustified layoffs, anti-union practices and other irregularities upon the strike held on December 2012. 

The Chilean police has been quick to declare that it was a loose bullet, discarding murder. But the public does not believe them, even if the media has (mis-)informed sparsely on the matter. 

Colleagues saw him sitting on a bench parsing documentation related to union activity just before the office of his chief of department. Minutes later another worker found him sitting there dead with a pool of blood around.

He was moved to hospital where he was declared dead. Later it was known that the deadly injury in his head was caused by a single bullet. 

Is Chile also degenerating from a "normal" bourgeois state into a terrorist one?

Source: Disidente del Capitalismo[es].

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