Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spain: pseudo-socialists expelled from anti-evictions protest (video)

Members of the main opposition (and formerly ruling) Spanish Socialist Worker Party (PSOE) were nonviolently expelled from a demonstration in Madrid against the ongoing widespread home evictions, which include a clause that allow lenders to retain much of the debt as unpaid, clause never altered by the often ruling PSOE.

The members of the PSOE were expelled by means of repeated and massive cries of "out, out", "they are neither worker nor socialist", "PSOE, PP: they are the same shit", "they don't represent us", etc.

The populist leader of the "Socialist Youth", Beatriz Talegón, who days ago scolded publicly the whole "Socialist International" for their neoliberal attitude (but was criticized in the Internet and some media as a hypocrite because of her huge salary), attempted to stay but was repeatedly attacked verbally until a police cordon removed her out of sight.

Then the march continued at the class-war cry of "sí se puede!" ("it can be done!").

Recently the Platform Against Evictions managed to get their legal popular initiative debated in Congress, after the ruling party members (PP, holding a full majority) yielded to continuous street and online protests. However it is feared that the bill  will be rejected or horribly deformed when it goes through parliamentary process.

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