Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The mysterious case of 'prisoner X', an Australian dead in the Zionist dungeons in 2010

Only now word about this most strange case is coming to light. Random Pottins mentioned the case complementarily while discussing the situation of so many Native Palestinian prisoners held without even a formal accusation for years in the military dungeons of the Zionist Apartheid Regime, some of which are struggling through hunger strike for their denied most basic human rights.

This modern man in the iron mask, seems to be Australian citizen Ben Zygier, who may (or not) have been a Mossad agent. Zygier died in Ayalon Prison, Ramla, in 2010, allegedly by hanging himself (???). Until now he did not even have a name but was known just as 'Prisoner X', being kept in total isolation. Zionist institutions have formally forbidden any discussion on the matter in the Apartheid state. 

Prisoner X Ben Zygier

According to the news being leaked now, Zygier was 34 at the time of his death, having migrated to the Zionist colony some ten years earlier. Eventually his Australian relatives managed to get his body flown to Melbourne for a decent burial. However for many years the Australian government just did absolutely nothing other than hiding and ignoring the matter.

In spite of the legal gag order, some members of the mock parliament known as the Knesset, representatives of Native Palestinians and the communist-led Haddash coalition, raised the issue, wondering how many disappeared people exist within the ultra-secret top security prisons of the Zionist regime. 

And they get offended when we call them what they are: Nazis!

Jews sans frontieres also discusses the matter today but not as in depth.

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