Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Greece: police obviously tortured Anarchist suspects

The latest scandal from the beleaguered European country is the photos of four tortured Anarchist activists, who appeared first manipulated in order to conceal the obvious signs of torture. The four activists, who are accused of being members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (unclear if it even exists at all) show such obvious marks of brutal beatings that the cops (most of them of clear Nazi affiliation) thought better to hide the injuries from public scrutiny. To no avail.

The only reason why these photos have been made public is because the police wants to present them as "dangerous terrorists". Most cases of torture remain essentially unknown. 

The four youths allegedly robbed a bank. 

The Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA), main opposition party, denouncing that this is not an isolated incident. 

The smaller breakaway faction Democratic Left (DIMAR), which participates in the current neoliberal government, has also felt the need to denounce the tortures as inacceptable.

Source: Madriz Rebelde[es].

Update (Feb 6):  

From the Greek Streets published today an English translation of the first joint communication that the tortured anarchists have been able to write together (only three of them), in which they justify their robbery attempt as a militant act against Capitalism and reject any greedy intent. 

The same blog also shows photos of armed and masked police illegally occupying the emergency room where one of them was being attended, regardless that he had many broken bones and was handcuffed to the back.  

Update (Feb 10):

A longer communication has been published now at Contra Info, detailing the heist and the reasons of their failure and then also the outline of their torture and a probably undeserved criticism of everyone not strictly Anarchist, including Autonomists, ANTARSYA, SYRIZA, etc., which they consider more "reformist" than genuinely "radical". They justify their action on the argument of the need a radical guerrilla activity as means of propaganda through action. They also send a message of solidarity to their comrade Spyros Dravilas (in hunger strike in prison) and a memorial one for deceased Indonesian Anarchist Riyano, "Ryo".

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