Monday, February 4, 2013

Pederasty, torture and murder go impune in Saudi Arabia

You may be aware of the recent execution in the Arab theocracy of a Sri Lankan worker for allegedly murdering a child. The case was tainted by issues like racism, sexism and lack of any sort of guarantees, and ended up with Sri Lankan banning the emigration of workforce to the Saudi emirate, but I guess that many thought: if that's their law, let them have it. 

But is that their law? Or is it only a law against foreign maids and dissident minorities? 

We now have another case that shows how Sharia goes in Saudi Arabia: a well known (TV star) but still unnamed religious scholar repeatedly raped and brutally tortured a five years' old girl, his own daughter, causing her death after a most painful agony of months. The details are so extreme that I do not even dare to write them down here (read them at the sources below but be warned that it'll break your heart).

Considering the Lankan maid precedent, we can only imagine that such a brutal criminal would meet death under the Saudi version of the Sharia, right? Not at all: the judge ruled that the prosecution could only seek "blood money" (indemnization) and that "the time the defendant had served in prison since Lama's death suffices as punishment".

He was in jail just a few months. 

When is that snake nest of Saudi Arabia going to explode?

Sources: Al Jazeera, Examiner.

See also: Susie's big adventure: Reprint From Blue Abaya: Saudi Arabia: Haven for Child Molesters, Wife Beaters and Child Killers?, where it is evidenced that Sharia (traditional law, not found in the Quran at all) is just a pretext for men's arbitrary and often capricious and violent rule.

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