Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Greece: Nazis threaten hospitals for helping immigrants

Some 30 thugs of the special squads of the Nazi party Golden Dawn entered in the Regional Hospital of Tripolis (Southern Greece) on Wednesday Feb. 6th, demanding documentation to the immigrants being attended there. While this is illegal, police (who are mostly Nazis themselves) let them do. 

The Nazi thugs threw out four people who either did not have or did not want to show them their papers. The director of the hospital, Eleni Sirouli, offered a press conference the following day but, cruelly, she did so accompanied by members of the Nazi formation and declared that her desire was the same as theirs, blaming them the law of data protection for her inability to evict the illegal immigrants herself.

This attitude naturally irked many others, including the President of the Medical College of Peloponesos, G. Papastamatakis, and soon the government yielded to social pressure and fired Sirouli (yesterday).

Medicus Mundi threatened

On Thursday 7th, the health center of Medicus Mundi at Perama (near Piraeus, Athens) was "visited" by Nazis (picture) who were marching through nearby streets. However in this case the patients themselves threatened the thugs and they had to run away in fear. 

Medicus Mundi attends all kinds of people abandoned by the bankrupt bourgeois Greek regime. 

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