Monday, February 18, 2013

Asturias: fascists and police join forces against popular protest for the right to a dignified home

The march of the Platform of Mortgage Affected People (PAH) in Xixon (Asturias, Kingdom of Spain) suffered yesterday the aggression of several fascist thugs who attempted to march along them under the xenophobic populist slogan of "No Spaniard without home". This strongly offended the sensibility of the PAH members and sympathizers, who believe that the right to a dignified home is independent of the passport and therefore attempted to push them out of the march.

When these fascists were already surrounded by the protesters, the Spanish police forces charged against the latter while the intruders performed the fascist salutation.

After the incident, and once the fascists moved out, the march proceeded with relative calm through the streets of Xixon after a banner reading: For the right to a home. Against financial genocide.

Other slogans chanted were "we want an apartment like the prince", "Rajoy resign, the people is against you" and, before the bank offices and the offices of the ruling PP party, also "assassins!".

Source: Sare Antifaxista[es].

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